"We built the first of its kind, a real use case for blockchain & crypto - a decentralized travel ecosystem"

Key Features:

  • Users can book over 1 million hotels
  • 400 airlines use top crypto on xceltrip travel platform

The Overview

XcelTrip is a blockchain-powered travel platform that is built to disrupt the trillion-dollar travel industry. Intermediating travel and empowering travelers and the service providers is their niche. Traveling the world is now made even easier as one can use their crypto to pay for the same. The idea of XcelTrip is to eliminate the unnecessary step of involving middlemen in the process of booking travel to your favorite destination. By implementing blockchain technology, travelers can directly contact service providers with XcelTrip. Its motto is connectivity and accessibility which shines through its business plan. From booking flights to cabs and hotels, reach your dream country at ease with XcelTrip.

We were brought in to change the website and rebrand them to clearly showcase their ideology and gain traffic to their website. The content was also a hurdle and hence we took it upon ourselves to optimize it.

The Challenge

Previously, XcelTrip’s website was unorganized with irrelevant content and design. Their USP did not stand out on their website. Lack of keyword analysis disabled their flow of organic traffic. With competitive cryptocurrency platforms, XcelTrip had to be presented in a way that lured loyal customers. UI UX had to be worked on. The interactive part was a missing puzzle piece that had to be introduced to the website. In addition, CTA had to be made more visible too.

The Solution

After an overall audit including keyword analysis, our team brainstormed possible courses of action and implemented them into the website. We prioritized customer experience by simplifying the UI UX. We created a website that enabled users to effortlessly look for what they wanted. We built a website that one would trust. Relevant content was placed on the pages required. The home page was designed in a way that lists all the offerings of Xceltrip to the users. We added CTAs in the right spot to increase the conversion rate of the site. Our goal was to stand out from the competition and improve organic traffic to the website.

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