"Ground-breaking air purification technology designed by Angad Daryani"


Praan is a novel start-up by Angad Daryani to beat the rapid increase in urban pollution prevalent in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. The start-up aims to implement its ground-breaking air purification tower technology in and around all social spaces where attendance is a must such as schools, colleges, office buildings, shopping malls and industrial areas. The future-ready air purifying technology allows the device to collect dirt from the air we breathe, clean it and then release it to create safe breathing zones. After three years of intensive development and prototyping, they were finally able to create a filter-less technology ready to battle for clean air. The directive received was to develop a software platform for Praan’s air-purifying filter tower. The software was designed to keep in check and track the number of active devices placed in public spaces of highly polluted cities in India.


Initially, creating a digital presence to manage the functioning of the towers. Our key challenges included creating and managing the Praan website from scratch. Creating adequate software to support a large network of air-purifiers in the future and connecting it to Praan’s firmware. Ensuring that we create an apt UX technique that works well with the website, as well as on smartphones. Implementing the air-purifier with an active SIM card network, providing clients with access to control their device without any hassle by using just their laptops.


At Luxeveda we created and integrated the software to align with Praan’s firmware. By making use of highly-developed technology we secured the website and made it ready to function globally. Our solution helped to build an ecosystem for the devices so they can work well together. We created UX techniques that are synonymous with responsive design, we were able to create an experience that works seamlessly across screens of all sizes. With the help of MK 1 and SES we evaluated data constantly to understand and gain useful insights from the system. The website is functioning just as we planned and we hope to continue making improvements as per the client’s needs.

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