"We designed and developed their website catering to their requirements of standing out as a blockchain and lifestyle media company"

The Overview

Founded in the year 2018 out of sheer curiosity about blockchain technology adoption around the globe, the company is named after a prolific figure in the blockchain industry David Gokhshtein. With constant development in this subject, Gokshtein media wanted to feature major projects, businesses, and people in this very industry who are doing their bit in changing the world. People were craving more information about blockchain and Gokhshtein media saw right through it. Keeping them informed with the latest news, magazines, podcasts, and data is their top priority. Their brand develops lifestyle content from across the world to keep us entertained, informed, and inspired throughout.

The specifications were to create a web design that solves the problem of bad user experience on their website. They wanted a layout that could highlight their latest posts.

The Challenge

Designing a website that depicts blockchain technology advancements and accessibility of abundant information was taxing to us. Since blockchain is an umbrella, researching it in depth was a major task as well. In addition, their enthusiasm to outstrip their competition ‘Blockworks’ was quite pressurizing. Their users argued bad user experience on their previous website which had to be tackled.

The Solution

We carried out our research with scrupulous attention to detail to ensure quality output. We prioritized providing the best UX through our new design. We marshaled our team to build a layout that highlighted their services and categorized their blogs evidently. Our new design divulged the mission of Gokhshtein Media making the website trustworthy. The availability of the dark mode option made it suave. The visuals precisely portrayed the company as blockchain technology and lifestyle media.

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