"Luxeveda gives Agna a digital presence to showcase their phenomenal work"

The Overview

Agna, born out of immense passion and love for visual storytelling, believes in capturing memories through the lens of a camera and immortalizing them through photos and videos. They continue to grow over the last 10 years in the creative space of Photography, Motion Pictures & Animation.

They have worked with a brilliant set of clients like the Gates Foundation, Mindtree, The Rolling Stones Magazine, Raghu Dixit and Iron Maiden to name a few. Agna’s philosophy is built on three fundamental aspects, “People, Emotion and Passion”. We at Luxeveda wish to capture exactly that by setting up an online presence for them.

The Challenge

Luxeveda worked with Agna to design a website that best displays the phenomenal work that is done by the organization. Luxeveda received a directive to create a lucrative website design. Keeping the website updated and managing it’s content to rank well on the search engine was quite a challenging task.

The Solution

Luxeveda conducted initial research and ensured the right usage of keywords placed amongst relevant content in order to boost SEO ranking. We created a platform which represents the brand’s philosophy and what they stand for. Luxeveda aimed at representing the brand’s true and authentic self digitally. Our website allows visitors to effortlessly view the work done by Agna. A website design so unique and specific to cater to the brand’s moto and reach their audience efficiently. We gave utmost importance to our customer experience hence, we simplified the UI & UX design for easy navigation.

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