"RIGHTURN HR is marrying the best of talent and technology to empower and ease the HR function across companies"

The Brief

The goal was to create a website that clearly showcased their services. The website had to be easily comprehensible. We had to create a website that was trustworthy to both job seekers and recruiters.

The Overview

Born as a result of disrupted HR services during the pandemic, RighTurn is an international HR services company with a path-breaking virtual HR service module. The pandemic caused a lot of distress among people and the lack of employment opportunities was unquestionably a major concern. RighTurn wanted to tackle this very alarming concern. Ensuring connectivity among companies and job seekers amidst the disconnected pandemic phase through technology was their ultimate goal. Pushing HR infrastructure beyond its comfort zone was achieved by RighTurn.

The Challenge

Since it was the launching phase of the company, we had to ensure that market research was prioritized to sketch a design that strategizes their competitor’s weaknesses. We had to study what the job seekers looked for on a website and plan out CTA buttons accordingly. We had to ensure that the website brought in recruiters too.

The Solution

We drafted a plan which divided their services into three categories, i.e, recruitment, compliance, and virtual HR services. We created a website design that takes into account the needs of the job seekers and recruiters based on our research. We built in easy access and interaction on the website. Clear CTA options were visible throughout the website. The content was filtered and keywords were carefully selected to attract the right traffic. Our main focus was to convey ReTurns core idea which is the injection of technology into HR services for its growth in the current situation. We highlighted the virtual HR services and provided the audience with the right information about the same as it is the USP of the company.

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