Vidyashilp School

"Luxeveda establishes a digital presence for Vidyashilp school to bring the modern-learning approach to life"


Vidyashilp school brings a modern-learning approach towards education while also keeping the Indian culture intact. Along with a carefully-curated academic syllabus, they also give much importance to sports infrastructure hence creating a perfect balance between the two.

Luxeveda worked with Vidyashilp school to create a digital presence for their school’s website. Our objective was to increase organic traffic to the website and provide the users with a friendly and easy to use experience as soon as they step into the website.


Being new to the field of education, it was necessary for Luxeveda to establish a digital presence for Vidyashilp school. Our key challenge was to update the website constantly to make sure it ranks on top of Google search results. Providing ample information on the website for students as well as parents was another key challenge to improving the website quality. The education industry is competitive in itself, so we decided to draft a plan and ensure the best SEO optimization on the site. Keeping the UI and UX designs smooth-sailing for the parents was also quite challenging.


Luxeveda created a strategy to carefully manage the SEO of the website. We wrote relevant content and made sure to use the right keywords to generate maximum traffic on the website. We made sure to create a friendly website with maximum content for the parents so they can find everything they are looking for. We kept the website design simple and effective. Our technical team made sure to do timely audits to find out any errors and fix them as soon as possible to eliminate bounce rates. We’ve made use of relevant pictures and videos on the website, however, keeping them limited so that they don’t affect the page loading time.

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