Vidyasagar Pre-school

"Luxeveda helped Vidyasagar Pre-school create a brand that gives every child a nurturing environment to learn and grow"


Vidyasagar Preschool is not your ordinary pre-school. Its wholesome campus provides a home away from home to your child.They provide a nurturing environment to young minds enabling them to be completely ready for school and grow up to be responsible citizens. The pre-school believes in working towards every child’s identity development because every child is unique and a definitive sense of identity lays strong foundation for self-awareness and self-confidence. The school’s legacy started in 1982 from a single room. Since then they have successfully grown into 2 happy preschool campuses across Bangalore.


Our responsibility was to create a go-to-website and ensure that the parents and teachers that visit the website get all the information they are looking for hassle free. Making the website  depict the pre-school’s core idea, mission, vision and journey up to now was the crux of the directive we received. Creating the website from scratch was definitely a challenge. From gathering relevant data to creating readable content and designing the website for ease in navigation was quite a task. Building the website to establish trust amongst young parents was the ultimate goal and our team was ready for it.


Our web development team designed a website for the pre-school carefully exhibiting the mission, vision and core idea of the Vidyasagar Pre-school. By developing informative content we made sure to segment it and add all the relevant content under the right headers to avoid any confusion while looking for information. We created a perfect balance between text and images to make the website more appealing.Enhancing the user experience was extremely important to us so we made use of the best UI and UX designs to ensure easy navigation for users.

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