"We proffered strategies and created a powerful website to kickstart their farm-to-cup coffee adventure"

The Overview

HumbleBean Coffee is not your regular coffee store or e-commerce website. It started with a mission to support coffee farmers in Coorg by giving them access to a larger market, user base and gaining fair value for their coffee beans. HumbleBean Coffee is basically a ‘Farm to Cup’ supply chain developed by HumbleBean Foundation to deliver to roasters and importers a consistent supply of quality coffee beans. It aims to put a great cup of coffee in every hand of coffee lovers around the world.

The Brief

We were informed to build a web platform to put their plan into action. They needed guidance with respect to branding strategies. We were told to come up with a design that is user-friendly.

The Challenge

Consumers splurge on coffee every day. With its demand, the competition in the market is constantly increasing with new players entering every year. Creating a website that is noticeable and ranks in the search engines was a challenge. Brainstorming and finalizing packaging design was a task too. Content had to be created that balanced the brand proposition and the foundation value together.

The Solution

Conducting initial research was the solution before creating their website. Ensuring the usage of the right keywords and placing relevant content was done in order to boost SEO ranking. The product details were elaborated and the source was mentioned too. We prioritized making a platform that reflects trust, quality, and authenticity. We created packaging and label designs that are minimal yet ensured the key values were communicated to ensure that they are buying a great brand of coffee. We provided them with strategies to drive their marketing and reach their audience efficiently.

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