"We helped Grandiose connect art admirers to artists by creating a digital platform"


Luxeveda worked with Grandiose to create a digital platform for them through a website that connects art admirers and enthusiasts to the artists themselves. The platform focuses on selling a unique set of art work made by local artists. Along with artwork they also offer creative framework for the pieces. In the post-pandemic world there was an urgent need to run businesses digitally, this is where Luxeveda steps in.

Grandiose is an art gallery located at a serene location in Bangalore that showcases different styles of art made by extremely talented local artists. It allows art enthusiasts to connect with the art, away from the city and the chaos. During the Pandemic several artists lost their source of income, Grandiose gave them a platform to earn a stable income for their hard work during this challenging phase of their lives.


Creating an engaging website for users to come and experience art through a website was quite a challenging task. The site required optimizing content for the website using SEO. Finding out ways to increase traffic and eliminate bounce rates. Maintaining the page loading time and increasing the visibility were also a few other challenges to overcome. The Grandiose website must represent the art gallery’s luxurious feel as soon as the audience steps into the website.


Our goal was to create a website that upholds the essence of the artwork created by the local artists. We noticed the rising demand for artwork and the need to promote local artists as they deserve appreciation and recognition for the work they do. We designed a creative website to portray the mesmerizing art pieces and drive sales for the site. The homepage is designed to engage the audience and enhance their online buying experience. We update the website, add necessary artist information and art descriptions to give the audience all the relevant information they need to purchase art. Luxeveda’s innovative solutions set the tone for Grandiose e-commerce offerings.

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