"The best ever EV built for India by India? We were brought in to make this vision come alive"


A futuristic company born in the silicon valley of India. BUYMYEV are manufacturers of contemporary electric bikes that are personalized to provide maximum comfort and functionality. This newborn company screams sustainability. With rigid competition in the market, BUYMYEV is all set to captivate its customers with its astounding EV mobility solution. This India bike is keen about catering to every individual’s needs with the best possible proposition. Already allied with corporates like Bharat Organics, NeXTGEN FMS Pvt ltd, The Balcony Bar, etc, this company is the new future. Ride easy with style, and comfort with BUYMYEV.


Our role was to create a go-to-market strategy, communication campaign and a website that pictures the core idea and origin of the company with a hint of leisure and style. Making a website that exhibits the details and functionality of the bikes was the crux of the directive provided to us. Following up with relevant launch ideas and creating a social media presence to showcase the personal side of the company was a given.


Since it was a new company, we had to build everything from scratch. From gathering data, and designing the website to sketching a social media plan and developing content, everything was a primary task. The fierce competition from companies like ola, Ather, etc compelled us to build a website that conveys BUYMYEV as the pinnacle of convenience and utility among the rest. Building a trusted brand image and brand loyalty was the ultimate goal.


After a thorough analysis of the market and the users, we carefully put together a positioning strategy, message, and design for the website to engage the user. We built a website that throws light on the features of the bikes in a functional and edgy manner. Creating a website with the best UI UX was the top agenda of the plan. By developing informative yet witty content, our idea was to personally content with the users onboard. We also formulated a flexible social media strategy to ease its way into the market. We focused on user engagement and building a loyal brand for users to re-visit. Our goal was to build a community of ecstatic customers. 

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