Posting content is only one-half of two-way communication. One of the biggest challenges today faced by marketers is traffic. How can one grab people’s attention and divert them to our website? The solution is simple social listening. Be present in places where your audience is hanging out! 

Social Listening

Social listening is a way for businesses to keep track of what is being said about their brands online. This helps gauge an honest overview of what consumers think about you and your products. As any marketing strategy starts with your target audience. Social listening is the key to creating a successful social media strategy. 

  1. Keep an eye out for any mentions of your company, your products, or any such information. 
  2. Stay on top of what’s going on in your industry – any new trends. A quick tip would be to keep an eye on influencers in your niche as it is the biggest clue to where your industry is heading. 
  3. Finally, answer questions like, who are your competitors, and what word has gone around them?

Social calling is like reputation management as it helps you deliver real-time customer service. Thus, this enables you to bridge the gap between your products/services expectations vs actual delivery. 

Key Benefits of Social Listening 

1. Improve customer service

The internet has become a place for people to rant about their bad product experiences. Use this to your advantage with social listening. Remember, people are always talking about you – by sharing their experiences or talking about your activity, or just asking questions! All this can be positive or negative but all these need your immediate attention. By replying to your consumers/ followers immediately they feel heard and valued. This automatically translates to a good customer experience. 

2. Finding new leads

Look out for social media mentions related to your business. Monitor keywords related to the growth of your company, your products, and services, or even your competitors. This will allow you to swoop in on social media and spark a conversation with a potential new customer. 

3. Track and measure marketing campaigns

A dedicated hashtags campaign is proven to be one of the most effective ways to increase both reach and user engagement. Monitoring online conversations on different social networks will help you gather the data that can benefit your brand’s social marketing campaigns. Also, by listening to why consumers are purchasing your products or services based on good reviews you can create marketing content around those narratives.

4. Customer engagement

Today, more brands than ever are engaging in online conversations with their fans online. Once a user posts something on the internet that is either related to a brand or an industry – social media managers are there to interact with the audience. The social listening team will help you notice your brand mentions even if your page is not tagged in a particular post. 

5. Access to customer insights and Identify social media influencers. 

Today’s customers love sharing their reviews about a product or service. Use this to your advantage to improve your brand and services. Also, keep an eye on influencers in your niche as that will give insights into where your industry is heading. By keeping a check on your customer insights and the social media influencers related to your niche, you will be able to put out specific content based on what your audiences want to hear and see.

6. Tailor content 

Social listening helps you find what your audiences would want to hear and see from your brand. This allows you to tailor your content according to their needs and thus provide value to your consumers. 

Social listening is just the first to build a social media strategy. At Luxeveda we have a team of experts who will help you cover all your social media needs. Get in touch with us at [email protected] or and start building your strategy today.


May 21 2022


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