Did you know that GenZ is the largest generation in modern history, making up 40% of the consumer population? They are driving spending, they are behind the major cultural shift that we see today. Even when most of them do not have purchasing power now, it does not mean they won’t have it tomorrow. The trick to marketing to your GenZ consumers is by understanding the internet culture they grew up in.

1. Well Defined Values and Missions

49% of GenZers believe that any brand should have some social impact. If they see a reflection of their values in your brand values, they are willing to support you. GenZ is 3x more likely to believe that a brand has a role in improving society. While marketing to your GenZ consumers, the foundation of that communication starts with establishing what you believe in and communicating that in every step of the consumer engagement. By doing so you are also enabling transparency in your company operations. 

2. Radical Transparency and Accountability  

GenZ grew up with the internet at their fingertips. They are much more likely to look at a Brand’s Instagram or website and read comments and reviews to ensure they hold brands accountable for the marketing message they are putting forward. Here’s where brands fail, as they don’t stick to the message within the company because GenZers have called them out. For example, a certain brand advocates for all-inclusivity, but there are several employees within the company would confirm they do not practice all-inclusivity. It is not enough to merely add your values to your marketing message but make a genuine attempt to build on them internally and thereby create a brand personality.

3. Embracing Personality  

The days of sleek, minimal designs are over! GenZers want brands to be bold and not afraid to embrace their brand personality. On social media it translates to being fun, cheeky, and experimental. If you are a new brand without a budget to splurge on marketing, you can have GenZ creators come on board. The following will help you build raw and authentic content that resonates with other GenZers and allows you to tap into their network. Letting them take the creative direction instead of having the same script for each influencer makes it feel less unnatural. This may have a higher chance of breakthrough versus something that is overly produced. Example, luxury has shifted from being all about big logos to being more premium by embracing their individuality. Embrace your brand personality and never be afraid to be brash because GenZ will celebrate your differences. 

4. Create Entertainment, not Marketing 

On average, GenZers see way more marketing messages than any other generation. They were born into an abundance of choices with 100s of categories and 1000s of brands to choose from. You need to pinpoint the platforms they are on and tailor content around that. So one of the ways to do this is to lean into platforms,that are effectively capturing GenZ’s attention – TikTok, IG reels – the videos that are going viral are ones with a story, humor, or creative editing. So while marketing to your GenZ consumers, consider these elements and create content that is creative, nuanced, and tailored for your audience. GenZers has an attention span of 8 seconds. This doesn’t mean they are less focused, but since we grew up in a 24/7 age where all the information is available at all times, their ability to filter information is much higher. So the goal should be to make your content more engaging, so as to build a niche and engaging community.

5. Building a Community   

GenZ ranks loneliness 10 points higher than any other generation. They are always looking for opportunities to engage and relate to other like-minded peers. For them, brands play an important role in facilitating this. The real question is how? Cast real people instead of models, people they can relate to, people with a perspective, people who stand for something. Finding authentic people makes marketing far less transactional. Understanding what is aspirational to them and connect it back to your brand. Involving them in the process by asking them for feedback and taking their inputs and opinions on new products/ services makes them feel valued and part of the community- a community built by your brand.  

In conclusion, creating content to appeal the GenZ should be an important part of your marketing strategy to increase reach and raise brand awareness. Connect with us via email at [email protected] or look up www.luxeveda.com


May 03 2022


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