Offsite and Onsite SEO improvements

For any website to be successfully ranked well during a search, SEO is a crucial step. As we have mentioned in our last blog, SEO will improve website usability as well as give larger visibility in the crowded online space. In this article, we delve a little more in-depth SEO. Team Luxeveda will talk about Onsite and Offsite SEO improvements and why they both are equally important.

OnSite SEO improvements

On site SEO is a process where the website is optimised in a way that it is search engine-friendly. They are strategies that are implemented on the website through web programming language. They appear on the website itself. The objective is to make the website search engine friendly and to make it so there are a number of on site SEO elements to be considered. 

The most important elements to be considered are :

  • Page title tags and Meta tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Internal Links
  • Header Tags
  • Alt text for images

In addition to the above-mentioned elements for on-site SEO, you have to work on website content. Having high-quality unique content can do wonders for your website. Your content is a powerful aspect that can attract users to your website. Moreover, 57% of SEO experts rank content as the #1 way to drive best results in search marketing.  High-quality content can better your brand image and make your company more reputable and trustworthy. If you do not provide anything of substance on your website, then you may tend to be identified as ‘spam’ by both your users and Google. 

The effect of good quality content is amplified when put together with the right set of Keywords. Keywords are another major factor for good SEO. Once you are done with your keyword research you can implement them into your content as well as other aspects of your website. This done right will make it easy for search engines to crawl through your website. Often made mistakes by most website experts is focussing all the SEO effort on the Homepage of your website. To fully benefit from onsite SEO it should be applied all through the website.

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO is fairly trickier but powerful in improving your SEO ranking. In simple terms, Offsite SEO is advertising your website on or through other external links or websites without being as obvious as online ads. You can do this through, 

  • Social media management
  • Influencer outreach
  • Review marketing

For a detailed idea of the above factors check out our latest blogs on social media marketing and influencer marketing.

  • Content marketing: Content marketing for Offsite SEO involves reposting or sharing articles and infographics. It is the content you create outside the website to market your brand.
  • Link Building: This strategy involves sharing the traffic of high traffic websites by building links on these websites in order to redirect traffic to your website. These links work as both an advantage or a disadvantage. Where backlinks from well-trusted websites may bring in good quality traffic backlinks from low-quality websites may push your ranking lower.

Offsite SEO has a number of benefits but the most important one is that it helps your Google ranking. A well made offsite SEO strategy can improve your online visibility, website traffic, brand reputation as well as brand promotion.

Both offsite and Onsite SEO has its own set of benefits but the end goal is the same – to improve your Google ranking and improve online visibility organically. the bottom line is you need both these practices for your website activities. However, we would say always begin with your Onsite SEO and make sure you’re implementing them right. Then, move into Offsite SEO. We know SEO is an alien concept, therefore if you are looking for assistance with your SEO analysis our experts would be glad to help move your SEO ranking higher. Contact us for more information.


November 06 2020


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