Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Business

We have known ‘word of mouth’ as a very strong, traditional marketing method. When done right it leads to extensive brand loyalty and brand trust. Influencer marketing is a revolutionised form of word of mouth. In our previous article, we spoke about the importance of User-generated content. In this article, Luxeveda talks about the importance of influencer marketing in depth. It is a hybrid marketing strategy with the traits of traditional word of mouth and amplified with the help of social media. It takes the concept of celebrity endorsements into an online marketing campaign. Here, influencers are not just limited to celebrities but extend to influencers-individuals who have a dedicated following or are considered as experts in a particular field. Recommendations from these influencers act as social proof for your brands’ potential customers.

How can your business gain from influencer marketing?

Each social media platform has its own set of influencers. As each of these platforms has a unique audience, you need to understand who you want for your brand.  Instagram influencer marketing is a booming strategy however many other networks are growing with influencers. The social media platforms they work with are constantly changing and so are the brand-influencer relationships.

So how can influencers help your brand?

  • They can create an article/blog post or video about your brand or service.
  • Promoting you on their social media accounts, for example, talking about an article you published by your brand.
  • Posting on social media showing that they use your product.
  • Writing or filming promotional content for your brand

What will you gain from Influencer marketing?

  • Great ROI

Influencer marketing on Instagram alone has a return of over 1 billion. Be it a large company or small brands that are making use of influencer marketing in the online social media strategy are seeing great results and returns on their investment.

  • Credibility and Brand trust

Brands talking about themselves and claiming advantages are not so believable anymore. The audience will pick brands that have influencers or other well-known individuals speaking for the product or service. Influencers have built a high level of trust with their audience and when they speak well of your brand you gain credibility. You earn their loyalty and trust.

  • Improved SEO ranking

Integrating influencer marketing into a social media marketing strategy can do wonders for your SEO ranking. When you partner with influencers and get mentioned by them on their blogs you earn high-quality backlinks. And backlinks play a major role in boosting your SEO ranking.

  • Easier customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is a challenge that most brands face on a regular basis. In general, brands spend a lot of resources on acquiring customers. Influencers advocating for your brand fast tracks this process at a lower cost. Moreover, your influencers’ audience will already be interested in that niche making the conversion process quicker. This is one of the greatest benefits of influencer marketing.

With the changing times and innovations, influencer marketing is here to stay. No matter what industry your business is in, a shoutout from an expert or influencer is extremely beneficial. Whether you want to increase your reach, drive traffic to your website or gain more followers, leveraging industry experts/ influencers will help you reach your marketing goals with a long term effect. If you are looking to bring influencers on board, contact us and we can help you out.


October 30 2020


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