How to create an outstanding B2B Content Marketing Strategy

B2B Content marketing is an approach to attract, engage and retain customers (businesses and organizations) by marketing your product and services. In this article, team Luxeveda has put together a few points on how to create a B2B Content Marketing strategy and the importance of the same to your business.

It is evident that quality content gives you organic search results. To achieve this, it is important to have a strategic plan for creating content, raising brand awareness, generating traffic, leads and return on investment. 

Here a few significant points for creating a B2B content marketing strategy:

  1. Defining goals: It is important to have realistic goals and to know what is achievable in the given amount of time. Your business goals should match current trends. As technology advances, so does the expectations of brands. Hence, it is important to know the evolving trends and keep up with them. Keep a record of your achievements and evaluate the ups and downs of your business.
  2. Understanding client personas: Client requirements keeps changing. Having a plan that fits their thoughts and purpose is important. Mapping the buyer’s journey helps you understand what type of content they are looking for. Have a one-on-one conversation with your client. Tell them about your ideas, ask them questions related to the plan and know what they are expecting from you.
  3. Invest in Branding: Website designing is a part of good branding. Invest your time in developing a website that attracts customers and to showcase your unique experiences. Create a company profile that consists of facts about your company, your major wins, collaborations with top brands, future goals etc. Post blogs on a weekly basis and make videos on current trends that are relevant. This will help you gain brand awareness on different platforms, helping you gain more clients. 
  4. Learn about sales funnel: Sales funnel is a process where you can understand the needs of your potential customers. It provides insights of each stage of the purchasing journey. The main stages include 
    • Awareness – In this step, customers hear about your company, products and services through different sources.
    • Interest – If you have a solution for their problem, prospective clients would approach you and show interest in your brand.
    • Decision – This stage involves negotiation related to purchases and packaging and both B2B partners coming to terms.
    • Action – A plan of action involves purchasing or rejecting the collaboration. This is not the end. You can improve your sales funnel strategies and reach out to other prospective clients and.
  5. Audit content: Identifying content gaps is as important as planning content. This helps you understand the structure and quality of your content on various platforms. Few of the methods used in content auditing are SEO analysis, Social media analysis, consistency and heat map analysis.
  6. Measure the ROI: Revenue generated from content marketing should even-out the time and money spent on the campaign. This defines the success and worth of your campaign. Having said that, ROI and success are interdependent. Few of the points that add on to ROI are analyzing your social media shares, tracking leads and website views. ROI is not achievable overnight. It requires consistency and commitment to ensure visibility of your success.  

Key Takeaways

  • B2B content marketing has a great reach directly and indirectly by generating leads, raising brand awareness and ROI for your brand.
  • Clients are the decision makers here, it is important to keep their attention long enough to consider collaborating with you. Through this, conversion rates increase and  retention is much easier. 
  • By creating valuable content, you gain profitable customers looking for a long term relationship with your business. Clients start referring to their peers about your business.
  • Proper content marketing strategy let’s you position your brand on top of the list among your competitors. Through this more clients come to your website organically, which in turn increases your reach and conversion rates.

The search for a good content marketing strategy only increases over time. Choose what makes you stand out and what you are best at. Contact Luxeveda to help you implement the right strategies!


March 03 2021


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