Want to supercharge your email marketing strategies? Want to send an e-mail that leaves your customers in awe? You are in the right place. Our email marketing tips will definitely boost your campaign results. Just 5 rules! Are you on board yet?

First, let us start by understanding what is e-mail marketing. Email marketing is an organic way to reach out to your customers, gain traffic for your website, or convert your leads into sales. It is a medium to keep your customers informed about your product launches, offers, or anything exciting in general. For an astounding email, you need an equally mesmerizing design. Email design is more than just colors and fonts. It is a plan where one needs to carefully design and create an email that resonates with the target audience. An email needs to be aesthetic and grab the customer’s attention the right way. Let us dive into the golden rules for email marketing!



Personalization is a game changer. These emails are more likely to see an increased open rate and click-through rate than the generalized ones. Personalization guarantees improved customer experience as it is shaped to fit their preference. It lets you focus on what drives your customers shortening your sales cycle. Personalized content makes one feel important and cared for. Targeting their favorites can increase your chance of being noticed among the pile of cold emails an individual receives on a daily basis. Sales might be the campaign goal but connecting with them on a personal level will increase your engagement rate. In addition, segmented and targeted emails will help you generate revenue. Customer satisfaction is a bonus here.

According to Statista, personalized emails saw an open rate of 18.8% as compared to 13.1% without any personalization.

Here are a few examples of personalized emails

  • Sending recommendations catering to their interests
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Personalized subject line (use their first name)
  • Relatable content especially in the welcome email


Why does a subject line even matter? An email subject line plays the same role as a title to a book. It is crucial as it separates your brand emails from the spam. A strong subject line will motivate customers to click on it. It needs to be specific and intriguing to your target audience. So how to come up with the best subject line?

  • Create urgency

Today, people have little or no time to spear. Your subject line needs to use this time crunch to their strength. ‘Limited time’ or ‘Hurry up’ subject lines tend to create fear of missing out among the audience. Urgency pushes the customer to pause and react quickly to your email instead of just scrolling by.

  • Keep it short and simple

A strong and specific subject line is an ideal way to convey your message. Think about it, would you open an email that has irrelevant and unwanted information in the subject? It is a clear NO. Nobody has the time or energy to read long sentences. Beating around the bush is not going to attract customers. Make sure the next time you click send, you have a bold ad crisp subject line.

  • Capitalize keywords and use the right tone
  • Make it interactive (ask them questions or leave them with a relevant thought)

“Subject line is the title and not the plot!”

Brush your email marketing skills.


From a persuasive subject line to relevant content and layout, design is what ties them together. The first thing person notices once he/she clicks on an email is the design and the layout. The more attractive it is to them, the more chances of them not bouncing back. They decide whether to look forward to your emails or not based on how they look. Strong visuals have the power to grab the reader’s attention. It is no lie that our brain is wired to register visual content the best. Visual tools such as infographics, pictures, videos, gifs, etc. help people comprehend your content. A plain boring email feels impersonal whereas a well-designed email keeps the customers engaged.

So how exactly can you perfect your visuals in email marketing?

Don’t shy away from using gifs and animations

Gifs have the ability to attract readers instantly. They are eye catchy. However, do not just insert a gif without context. Make sure you incorporate them in the right places only.

  • Use pictures and videos relevant to the content you picked out for your email.
  • Do not neglect minor visual necessities like styles, font, colors, logo, etc. Sticking to your brand colors and reflecting your brand aesthetic should be your design guideline.

Give your email a clear visual identity that reflects your brand personality.


Planning out CTA is the crux of email marketing. CTA buttons also known as call-to-action buttons are used to send readers potentially to a website or pages. It ensures that the readers visit and participate in the process that helps you convert them into revenue. After going through your content, the reader decides whether or not to go further with the brand, that’s when the call to action button comes into the picture. A clear CTA needs to have the following features

  • Your CTA needs to be specific
  • Give your CTA a visual glow up
  • Try to incorporate an added benefit (‘learn to write an email that stands out’)
  • The button needs to be sized appropriately
  • Placement is crucial


Needless to say, you need to test them out before jumping to conclusions. You need to understand your target audience and what works with them. You need to do a thorough review of your emails before sending them out to the masses. Email testing will help you eliminate errors that otherwise would be unprofessional. Testing out your emails will make your email marketing strategy effective. Email testing has multiple benefits. From building a reputation to quality rendering, email testing will contribute to your email marketing campaign’s success. A/B Testing and Time Testing are widely used to ensure quality.


Email marketing is salient among the other digital marketing forms. It is an organic way to target and reach out to build a strong customer relationship. your customers get a bunch of emails every day from various other brands. You need to leave them wanting more with every email you send. You need to keep them curious and excited.

Following the above-mentioned rules will help you achieve your email marketing campaign goals. You need to research, be creative and reflect your brand personality through your emails to really connect with your customers. Keep experimenting until you find an email strategy that works for you. Do not be disheartened if one email does not perform well. You need to find your feet. It takes time!

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September 10 2022


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