Common mistakes made in an E-commerce setup

Running a business is difficult. If your business has an e-commerce platform, then it can be even more so. That’s why while we spoke on the foundation blocks for e-commerce in our previous blog. In this article, we take you through the common mistakes to avoid while setting up an e-commerce platform. Team Luxeveda has compiled a list of the most common mistakes that both new and experienced e-commerce site owners and managers make all the time.

Mistake#1 Failing to understand your target audience

Failing to understand your target audience is one of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make. If you do not clearly define a target audience or take the time to understand who your ideal customer is, your business will be just another online store. You need to draft an ‘ideal customer profile’. This profile must include their interests, values that are important, needs that your product would solve and even their location. Be it a B2C or B2B business, you want to keep your ideal customer in mind. Create a profile of who this “customer” is. This can be accomplished by thorough market research with all the data required. By doing so, you will be able to better position your product and stand out from your competitors.

Mistake#2 No Responsive design and Poor UX

Today, at least 51% of adults shop on their smartphones, and that number is growing. Mobile spending now makes up a full 21% of all online spending. This indicates that no matter what device is used to view your site, it must do well. That means your website needs a responsive design. Your website must be a collaboration between design and functionality. If it is complicated to navigate through or content is hard to find, users will be frustrated and choose another website instead. To avoid this, make sure that your UX is optimised for smooth website experience. This will help users find what they are looking for faster — which means more sales for you.

Mistake#3 Complicated Shopping carts and Checkout process

When customers reach their shopping cart, it means that they have made it through the initial stages of your sales funnel. Some brands tend to increase the number of steps after this. To gain leads, a few often force users to set up accounts. This is why businesses see abandoned carts. The solution is to eliminate as many steps as possible. If the user has made up their mind to buy your product/ service, you do not want to complicate their process. Finally, do not surprise your customers with unexpected terms or fees. Be clear and concise from the beginning. This way, you also develop a sense that your website is a trustworthy online store.  

Mistake#4 Poor customer Service

After every shopping experience, customers want their issues to be resolved quickly. They trust you to help them without being passed around or stalled. This is why it is a crucial aspect to include during your store set up. Effective customer service in an e-commerce model is of greater value compared to the retailer model. Also, brands need to ensure that their customer service is multichannel and not simply limited to a phone call or email. Poor customer service (including slow response time, showing impatience, not offering refunds, etc.) is the easiest way to lose existing customers and hinder getting new ones.

Mistake #5 Lack of Social Proof

This is a cost-effective form of marketing that will enhance your brand and creates a sense of trust between your current and prospective customers. Reviews are extremely helpful for generating sales but sometimes getting your customers to leave a review is difficult. It gets even more challenging if there are negative reviews instead. But having a strong review base will help shoppers feel more comfortable buying from you. In fact, user-created reviews influence 93% of online customers purchasing decisions. Some users at times get suspicious if they don’t see any reviews.

If you want your brand to move above your competitors and reach the top of your industry you need to learn from others’ mistakes. By being aware of the most common pitfall soften made in this area we hope this article helps you avoid unexpected costs and unnecessary time spent. For more assistance on how to ace your e-commerce strategy contact us. We can help you better.


October 02 2020


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