Trends in Luxury Web Design Solutions

This article talks about luxury business solutions, luxury web solutions and custom web development solutions.

Websites are a key component in any business’ digital presence, and this is especially true of luxury brands. The web presence of a luxury brand determines how a brand is perceived by potential customers. For example, two competing brands need to establish themselves as unique by using different web strategies. Luxury brands have websites that are minimalistic, with a clean colour palette that make use of powerful images which exude luxuriousness.

Simply put, premium products and services require premium websites. As obvious as this statement may seem, defining what a “premium website” is can be a serious challenge. The challenge is not only for you as a business owner, but also for web development and design consultants.

Consider, for example, brands like Rolls Royce or Vertu, who only service VIP clients. This creates an exclusive environment where every customer feels special and has a unique, personalised product just for them. These goods presume and perpetuate a certain social status of their buyer. Hence they are not “sold,” in traditional ways. General marketing laws and principles do not fully apply to luxury items. Thus, it may not be a good idea to cling to them when portraying such items online. Luxury business solutions thus extend beyond your regular business strategies, and this is true of luxury web solutions as well.

Elite luxury solutions, in the realm of custom web development solutions, requires an understanding of the broad trends of luxury design, which rapidly shifts year after year. Here are some important trends of 2020:


Minimalism, while not new, is quickly making waves in 2020. With its clean, usually monochromatic finish, minimalism creates the imagery of finesse and sophistication. Such design draws attention to scale and emptiness, to volume more than content. Powerful images are thus key in creating a minimalistic web design. Minimalism is a perfect fit in the luxury space. It allows just enough character to make a product, space or service interesting but not too much. The rest gets smoothed over into blankness, creating an aura of delicious intrigue around a brand.

Emphasis on Sustainability

With the new affluent millennial and Generation Z consumers driving 85% of global luxury sales growth, their expectation for luxury brands to align with their value system is increasingly important. The younger generations are more conscious of the environmental and social impact of their purchase decisions and are more likely to buy from a brand that resonates with this. High-end brands that want to retain their status in the luxury market need to evolve towards ethical and sustainable luxury. Web solutions become increasingly important in this endeavour as the website can highlight key efforts from the brand’s end towards becoming more sustainable through brand narratives, visuals and sharing impact assessments.

Brand Consciousness

Closely related to sustainability, brand consciousness refers to a brand’s awareness of its actions and its consequent impact on the developing world. Increasingly, brands with concrete CSR initiatives — such as Graff, who donated $1 million to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund — have built a stable rapport with the affluent customer base. These efforts help build brand reputation. In terms of a web strategy, luxury brands should publicise their efforts in these spheres while also urging their customers to donate and help in any possible way. This will boost engagement with customers while also genuinely helping causes that require help, especially during the pandemic.

Web solutions are an important foundation for any luxury brand to thrive, and we at Team Luxeveda understand and consult in this space. Digital, including luxury e-commerce, is becoming a key solution for luxury brands in a post COVID-19 world.


August 11 2020


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