Why Thought Leadership is Important to Grow Your Brand

Your personal brand reputation is as important as your business brand reputation. According to a study done by Edelman-Linkedin, 60% of decision makers said thought leadership has directly influenced them to engage in business with an organisation. The keystone for driving a strong personal brand is “Thought Leadership”. It increases your brand equity and grows your community. It is best to implement a more targeted approach to be more effective.

In this article, Team Luxeveda explains what thought leadership is and also briefly mentions a few tips to keep in mind before starting your own. 

What is Thought Leadership?

Thought leadership involves establishing yourself or your company as an expert in a niche field. A good thought leader is one who takes time to build her following. Your authority can be developed by displaying depth of knowledge, innovative thinking and predictive insights.

Ways to establish thought leadership on social media

1. Post regular quality content

Needless to say, posting regular and relevant content is essential in a thought leadership program. Not only that; to stand out amidst the sea of content, you have to stay on top of the latest trends and contribute to the conversation. A respected thought leader is able to predict future trends in their field. This intrigues readers and entices them to look forward to the thought leader’s comments and opinions. 

2. Choose the right social media platform

What social media platforms do the majority of your customers use? Sharing, connecting and interacting are the three main components that social media is based on – they are also essential for a well-designed thought leadership program. Therefore, defining the social media platform can help you decide what tone to use while communicating to your customers. For instance, Linkedin is a professional platform, ideal for B2B thought leaders. Whereas for B2C, the appropriate platforms may be Instagram or Twitter where you have the option to be professional or quirky – depending on your audience.

3. Know your target audience

Understanding your target audience leads to better quality content they are more likely to understand and relate to. If you haven’t already, you can create a marketing persona with details about your customer’s age, their interests, occupation and more to know who you are talking to. By nailing down these details you can determine the topics to talk about and tone to use to appeal to them and generate interest. 

4. Grow your network through engagement 

Most customers think a higher number of followers equals a larger influence. However, having followers without any engagement is meaningless. For higher engagement, you have to be reactive and proactive. Replying to direct messages or comments is reactive. Whereas, being proactive may entail starting a conversation or chiming in on discussions to show that you are approachable. Additionally, sharing other people’s insights shows that you applaud good content and are passionate about your niche. 

5. Soft sales approach

Customers know that the underlying purpose of your thought leadership content is to sell. Nevertheless, an aggressive sales approach will immediately dissuade customers from your brand and diminish your credibility. Show your customers that you genuinely provide insights that are valuable – the information should be primary and sales should be secondary. 

In conclusion, establishing yourself as a pillar in your niche involves many things. Thought leadership is a powerful marketing tool that can shorten your sales cycle and drive customer loyalty.  To improve your brand equity across social media, contact Team Luxeveda.  

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January 22 2021


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