What You Need To Know About Moment Marketing

Recently, we witnessed how the internet went crazy about the Bernie chair, people started sharing memes and several brands put up customized products for sale. For instance, Ikea took advantage of this great opportunity and created a Bernie folding chair Ad after the senator’s meme went viral. The question that comes up immediately is what type of marketing strategy did they use? It’s Moment Marketing! To know more about this, Team Luxeveda have discussed a few points below.

As technologies are advancing, so are marketing trends. People have moved on from traditional marketing and are looking for something that is present in the moment. Here are a few things you need to know about Moment Marketing before leveraging it to your brand.

How to get started with Moment Marketing for your brand?

Capture the moment – Make creatives that consist of humour and are relatable to the on-going events. Meme marketing is a great way to reach the millennials who spend most part of the day on online platforms. The most recent trending meme was The Weeknd at the Super Bowl. We at Luxeveda saw this as an opportunity to create a video for our social media platforms with a tagline “digital marketers trying to keep up with the digital marketing trends”.

Engage with your customers – Be a part of people’s feed. Twitter is the best example to see brands engaging with their audience. Brands are gaining interests while having brand wars and collaborations, entertaining their viewers. Don’t forget to insert your brand name while doing so, this also helps you gain brand awareness when people start retweeting your posts and stories.

Use creativesCreatives are said to gain more attention from your customers. The strategies used for creatives, banner ads and campaigns show how fast your message is being conveyed to your target audience. Headline, captions and images used in an article plays an important role as well. The more attractive your creatives are, the more people click on your profile and websites. 

Why moment marketing is important to grow your brand?

Cost effective – Moment Marketing consists of multiple ways to make a brand go viral with a limited budget. All you need is a creative strategy and consistency for your campaign. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook promotes your posts and videos in an affordable price. We have more information on one of our previous blog to help you choose the right social media platform

Target Audience – Social media platforms also lets you choose your target audience. For example, Facebook has an option to choose which phone users you want your ad to be displayed on and the region for the same along with a filter for the age group. Millennials are more attentive to social media posts rather than newspapers. Hence, based on your target audience, it’s easier to gain more reach. This also helps increase in engagement with your customers.


With the help of Moment Marketing, take advantage of the current trends and create your own opportunity to raise brand awareness and increase brand engagement. Contact Luxeveda to help you implement the right marketing strategies!


February 15 2021


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