What Makes the Modern Leader?

This article is about the core skills that make the modern leader of 2020, and how one must lead in current times.

What does it take to be a leader in the modern world?

Are leaders born or made? How would you answer this question? Theories suggest that almost anyone can become a leader, throughout the lifetime process of educating, learning, and self-development. Modern leaders are constantly looking for development opportunities to acquire new skills.

So, what does it mean to be a leader?

A leader is a person who can be compared to a mirror in relation to a particular group. This means that it displays all business and psychological character traits that are welcomed and approved in this particular group. A leader brings the team together to achieve common goals, as well as trusts employees with tasks and delegates responsibility to them.

Wise leaders financially or non-financially encourage the success of employees. For them, working 24 hours a day is not a result, but the outcome is. A leader is a person, who inspires and motivates the team. A leader knows that the goals she/he has defined should be interesting to the team, close to the employees, not just at the mission level but at the level of values.

There are a number of traits a leader must have. In addition to character traits, there are skills that a leader must have in her/his arsenal. In this article, we at Luxeveda identify 5 core skills of a modern leader:


Theodore M. Hesburgh once said: “The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.”

Leadership begins with this skill. The leader’s vision should be based on the idea of creating or reforming something. With this quality, a leader can set a global and clear goal. The ability to create a vision will help you as a leader to unite and inspire people. Unlike a dreamer or science fiction writer, true leaders continuously ask themselves one important question: “How can this be turned into a reality?”


In the process of moving towards a goal, the leader should be flexible. Flexibility is the ability to have more strategies and choices. This allows you to act most effectively in each specific situation. One of the variances of the flexibility of mind and action is, the ability to go beyond the system. As for recommendations for the development of this leadership quality, while setting a goal, one must present at least 3 ways to achieve the goal and further determine the optimal path. Remember that the most direct route is not always the shortest! Find an interesting path of achievement that no one else has walked on and then tread on that path.


A modern leader has to be sensitive and be able to recognize weak signals. The world has never changed as rapidly as it is now. The leader should be as sensitive as possible to changes taking place both in the outside world and within the team. The ability to quickly respond, integrate into the system, work with feedback ensures being half a step ahead of everyone.


Modern leaders need to be active in every way. It is essential to be a step ahead of time, as well as to have the latest information and be at the centre of the flow of events to act first. In the modern world, procrastination threatens to lose both in moral and financial terms, which ultimately turns into lost profit. As soon as the goal is set, a movement begins, and then, it is necessary to control the entire system based on key parameters in the direction of this movement.


Communication is a crucial skill, which allows establishing business contacts, connections and meaningful relationships. It is not only important for a leader to be sociable but, the ability to communicate effectively on behalf of your team is the key to success. The active development of the Internet has led to the spread of social networks, which include all kinds of forums, services and other applications. But despite this, the personal ability to build communication, establishing contact with people requires certain skills and abilities necessary for a modern leader. Another aspect of communication is that a Leader must be vocal. As a leader, you have to be clear on what you stand for and when needed, be vocal about the same. In times of crisis, a leader must have the ability to voice her/his opinion, know what to say and be the voice of the organisation. Moreover, your stance gives your employees brevity and clarity on where the organisation stands. So, for a modern leader being silent is not an option.


Every organisation irrespective of size, industry or popularity views its responsibility towards the community and environment it operates in. To fulfil this responsibility as a leader one must be socially responsible. This responsibility is not what is simply limited to philanthropic gestures but much beyond. Today, we are a part of a highly visible society where your principles are no more confined within your organisation. So as a modern leader the organisational goals are not just limited to profitability but extend to ensure that there are environmentally conscious strategies in place, there is no gender discrimination, racial inequality or bias within the organisation. Bringing socially responsible growth is the long term goal that makes one a leader of the future.

With the world at the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution and the shift into the new space of Big Data, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence now is the time for leaders to take the helm, make tough decisions and overcome the challenging situations. Leadership itself is undergoing change, and outstanding leadership is the core of this transition.

In conclusion, we would like to highlight that we know how challenging it is to be a great leader. It demands a lot of time and effort into self-analysis and development. Modern leaders today are meant to be innovative, smart, inspiring and have a clear vision and ability to communicate their ideas to the others. Once again, leaders are not born: outstanding leadership qualities are the result of many years of practice and self-improvement.


August 12 2020


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