The Impact of Gamification in the Fashion Industry

Dress-up games are now turning into a reality. Millennials and Generation Z are more invested in Video games than ever since the global pandemic hit. While the Video game industry is moving towards adopting AR and VR technology, the fashion industry on the other side is making use of this opportunity to implement the same with a touch of fashion and creativity.

What is Gamification? How is this linked to the fashion industry?

Gamification is a way to engage with people through scores, achievements, collaborations using game-style mechanics. Indoor activities played a major role in this pandemic. Gaming is one of the major platforms that saw a massive increase in it’s users in the past year. Fashion industry saw a decline in its consumers as people had nowhere to go, directly proportional to their shopping activities. The shift from traditional approach to going all the way digital led to increased engagement in the ever-changing fashion industry. According to statista, there were 2.69 billion video game users across the world, and is expected to cross 3 billion users by 2023.    

Post pandemic, luxury brands are looking for different ways to connect with people while maintaining their brand image and values. China is the main driving force for growth in luxury markets that is anticipated to be 75% by 2025. The rising wave of Millenials and Gen Z consumers led luxury brands like Balenciaga, Gucci, and Burberry to reach a greater audience with futuristic goals. While these brands are paving the way to innovate and give a new face to the fashion industry, this might be a great step towards sustainability. 

Gamification links game mechanics to a designated marketing campaign. In this, users virtually experience a real-life product and services by creating a mock-up environment. Few companies were using gamification strategy even before it gained popularity. Now that the pandemic has hit, designers all over the world are using this as a branding strategy to solely interact with customers via screens.  

The Sims was one of the first players to create a fashion line inspired by video games. The first Simulation video game that allows virtual designers to create looks and style them virtually for real-life runway looks! Not only do they design runway looks for Versace, Dior, Balmain Paris, but also design tracksuits for Adidas, it-bag by Dior, and sandals for Bottega Veneta.

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June 28 2021


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