"Neev was building a New foundation for education to empower the New India and Luxeveda was entrusted to make this vision come alive. "

The Overview

While building a foundation for life, Neev is a flagship educational institution that shapes its students into active, responsible, and lifelong learners. They firmly stand by the idea of celebrating the uniqueness of every child. Changing the lives of young minds for 15 years, Neev has gained an exceptional reputation for itself. From Neev Early Years to Literature Fest and also the best Teacher Training, Neev is creating new benchmarks for excellence in education. The IB curriculum and facilities provided by Neev are world-class and uncompromised.

The Brief

We were apprised to entirely change the wireframe of the websites for Neev Early Years and Neev Academy. We were given the directive to ensure that the changes would speak to the right audience. They hoped to build a leading-edge IB school. Hence, we were briefed to create a website that was capable of reaching out to affluent parents. We had to create a brand that conveyed two T’s, “Trust and Triumph”.

The Challenge

The current websites for both, Neev Early Years and Neev Academy were unorganized and lacked the message they wished to convey. Even though Neev Early Years had a reputation for being the best preschool, they lacked an efficient and reliable website. 

In the case of Neev Academy, launching an IB School is a challenge in itself. We had to perform a thorough audit, recognize the wrongs, and put together a plan of action. Their lack of convincing and reliable content on their websites had to be fixed too. Their websites were too informative and lacked visual impact in the beginning and there was major scope for improvement.

The Solution

After conducting extensive research, our team designed two websites that were both a visual treat and provided parents with the information they needed. We stressed the facilities they provided and ensured that every page reflected their vision clearly. Adding relevant pictures of the classroom atmosphere and candid shots of the activities, we made a website with laudable visibility. We used the right keywords to draw in traffic to the right pages and ensured that interaction is made easier.

Our objective was to come up with something that showcased the true talent Neev holds – its students. Hence, we organized and launched Neev Literature Fest which recognizes the impact of great literature on students. We worked on stringent deadlines and put together a platform where students shine with their talent in literature, a platform for blended learning, and ultimately a platform for growth. Today, this fest is the most sought-after Literature Fest in Bangalore.

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