Millennial Marketing – Keep it short but significant

Countless advertisements and banners are displayed everywhere to captivate the public. But are these advertisements really engaging? Do people take time from their busy schedule to look at these advertisements? Unless the brand has a real substance in their marketing message, their efforts will go unnoticed. To help you come up with a strategy that is suitable for your brand, we at Luxeveda have curated a few strategies to gain more insights on millennial marketing.

Are your target audience aware of your brand?

Let’s look at brand awareness before diving into strategies. Positioning your brand in today’s competitive market plays a significant role. Every second brand in the market gives out features and services similar to your brand; some brands develop additional features for their product/service to gain more customers. It all comes down to marketing techniques and acceptance rate of your brand from the audience point of view. 

  • As the famous saying goes by, “Don’t sell, tell your story”, Millennials look for brand moments that are engaging and help them create a perception for your brand. They are more likely to purchase a product with an authentic story that goes along with your brand’s vision, mission and goals.
  • Millennials are constantly looking for products with the latest technology. Innovating and upgrading products to make them stand out in the market helps you gain awareness.
  • Millennials look for customized products as this will ease their needs. It is important to know your customer needs and deliver them accordingly.
  • According to a statistical survey conducted in 2020, 90.4% of Millennials use social media. This indicates that a brand must engage on online platforms to increase awareness. Millennials are likely to engage with a brand pursuing modern trends and supporting a cause for betterment of the society. (also known as Cause Marketing)

Strategies to build a successful Marketing Campaign:

  1. Social Media – Millennials are defined as a group of people ranging from 18-34 years of age. This group of people are more likely to spend their time browsing, looking for trends and keeping up with them. To captivate their attention, you can post ads, videos and blogs whilst creating a social profile to interact with your audience. Creating mobile friendly content is the key element here, as they spend most of their time on smartphones.
  2. Minimalistic Content – Paragraphs on a banner / social media advertisements are no longer interesting for a millennial. Keywords play a major role in creating content for social media posts and blogs. Along with keeping your content short, make sure you don’t miss out on useful information that attracts the eyes of the customers. Web design, landing page and quality content makes the user visit your page and website repeatedly. Conduct A/B Testing with your content to see what resonates with your audience as the minds of millennials keep changing. 
  3. Word of Mouth – People believe in realistic experiences from their peers and social groups. For instance, social media creators have a huge impact on their followers. Similarly, Podcasts, radio and workshops are a huge benefit to the brand in terms of raising brand awareness to targeted audience. 
  4. Drive Engagement – Customers look out for brands that interact with them in terms of acknowledging reviews and requests, customer service and being active on social media platforms to keep up with the trends. Valuing customer experience and their ideas will help in the product development process. Collaborate with other brands and services to target a wide range of audience. Build a strong relationship with your audience by being transparent about your services. 

In conclusion, Creating content to appeal millennials should be an important part of your marketing strategy to increase reach and raise brand awareness. Contact Luxeveda to help you implement the right strategies!


May 05 2021


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