How will re-engaging with the consumer be valuable during a pandemic?

After one of the biggest global challenges of our generation marketers are facing a time of unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Customer behaviour is changing at a staggering pace. As it stands, user acquisition is an important marketing strategy for any business. Without new customers, a business fails to sustain itself. However, businesses must also direct attention to retargeting their customers. With users at home consuming more digital than ever, re-engaging with the consumer has become quite lucrative.

What is re-engagement exactly ?

Re-engagement or re-marketing is the process of getting customers who didn’t finish the conversion process interested in your brand again. But at the very least, these users are familiar with the brand and have taken an initial interest. You can re-engage with your customers whether on a social platform, search engine, or elsewhere.

Consumers globally are valuing services, products, people and institutions that focus on digitally bridging the divide with the outside world. Reducing anxiety and effort, easing the busying process, promoting wellness and reducing risk, offering entertainment and proactively responding. Retargeting your customers is vital and will help you understand their needs or pain points in such a unique period.

So, how best can companies create value by Re-engaging?

With the screen time reaching an all-time high, elements of value like news, collaboration, affiliation help bridge the divide between the consumer and the brand. Keeping your customer in the loop, updating them with the companies activities will develop a sense of trust. Moreover, the prevailing thought is that the socially sensitive brands win brand loyalty amid COVID-19. Demonstrating empathy through digital channels has become a new standard of re-engagement. Being highly adaptable, flexible and open to the new reality will give you the market edge. Engage with your customers in between purchases strengthens. It strengthens the emotional connection to your brand. Thereby helping you retain the customers you already have while sustainably growing your business.

How companies behave during these trying times will be indelibly etched within the minds of consumers. Whether you stay in touch with your customers through email or social media your re-marketing efforts will leave a long term impact.  As user devices, habits, and economic circumstances change, now is the time to embrace what retargeting or re-engagement can do for staying relevant. Contact us and we can help you re-engage with your consumers better.


September 11 2020


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