Growth Hack – Building a Successful Client Relationship

As per the client relationship definition, “client relations are the relationships that a business has with its clients and the way in which it treats them. It is the way a business communicates with existing customers.” Business-Client relationship is one of the most important factor for a business to run efficiently. Your clients are your treasure, so make sure that they are valued and not left unnoticed. It is not easy for a customer to be loyal to a single brand unless the brand stands out in the market. For your business to sustain a long term relationship with your clients, Team Luxeveda has put together a few points that might be helpful to you.

Keep your clients engaged with your business in the long run

It is important to nurture your existing audience while welcoming new customers. Knowing your clients’ needs, and what they expect from you and the product is crucial. Engaging with them through emails, your website and social media posts are a few ways to make sure they know about your brand and keep in touch with you for a long period of time.

Practice communicating with your clients regularly. This will strengthen the client relationship with your business. Respond to their emails, calls and reply to their comments on social media platforms. This increases engagement and makes them feel valued. 

Improve and Implement

Testimonials from your clients can help your business grow. Your existing clients can build brand awareness for the new customers, so make sure you pay attention to existing customers and make them feel valuable as well. Existing customers can give honest feedback about your products and services. By sending out surveys, you can update your products based on the needs of the customers which will help you maintain a long term relationship with them. Know your customers, their needs and build a brand that fits their needs. 

Educate and communicate with your customers

Customers seek real value from your brand. Educate them about your brand through blogs, posts, email campaigns and Youtube tutorials. This way they can learn about your brand and the additional services you provide. You can also create GIFs, stickers on social media platforms that customers can use. Make sure your website is interactive when they visit, you can include motion graphics and a chat box for reference.

When you build a business-client relationship, it is more of a partnership which requires two way communication. Make sure to develop strategies and set timelines that you mutually agree on. For example, a client can give feedback on your services and the upgrades required. Your brand can consider and implement them as and when required. 

Customer perception is your reality!

Customers are committed to a long term relationship only when they are satisfied with the data you provide through products. So make sure it is relevant and accurate. Addressing your clients concern and taking the right action immediately makes them feel valued. Your customer service care should be reliable, convenient and friendly. Customers can get frustrated if they are not validated and hence switch to different services. 

Be true to your potential customers

Your clients will have certain expectations from your products and services. It is your duty to meet those expectations and deliver them as promised. Always have a positive attitude when dealing with a client, in this way your client will be confident in you and your brand. Don’t go over the limit when it comes to delivering promises. Promise only what your brand is able to deliver considering the resources.  


These are a few ways you can help your client understand what you offer and why they should commit to your service in the long run. Not to forget that good customer service leads to brand awareness and your unhappy clients are the greatest source of learning! 


January 19 2021


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