How is Short- Video Marketing Changing Digital Marketing?

It is a known fact that video marketing is a powerful tool to effectively market and engage with your audience. It is an all in one package that delivers effectively in a short period of time. Transitioning from long videos the short video marketing space has also seen immense popularity lately. We have all watched a TikTok, Reels or some kind of short video in these past few months. This space has seen enough rise that it may be that gone are the days of using text and images for marketing. If these are the days of video marketing, then what is the future of this space?

Today, many brands big or small are using short videos to grab consumers’ attention. They are integrating their brand messages into these videos to improve their brand visibilty. Initially popularized by YouTube, this space is now dominated by social media platforms, such as Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.

Why are Tik Toks and Reels taking over ?

Tik Tok is not a conventional social media platform, unlike LinkedIn, Instgram or Facebook. Even though it had a narrow age demographic, it turned out to be a powerful marketing tool. These short video apps/ features picked up in countries with a younger demographic, like the US and India. These platforms proved to be as effective as Facebook and Instagram. Despite the turmoil that Tik Toks bans in India caused, Instgram came to the rescue with the Reels side of their app.

The pandemic outbreak also played a key role here. COVID forced brands to modify the content they were creating. The audience needed content to connect with as they lost the power to real-life type of connections. The trends, challenges, catchy phrase gave a sense of inclusion to everyone in a time when we were all disconnected. Coupled with the impact of this situation on the future, the success of these short video fast-tracked into an influencer strategy for marketers.

The marketing that is done through short video is raw and unconventional. Moreover, the audience is interested in short videos that create impressions. Promotional videos are most successful when they are short. Brands are using this to their advantage and bringing in celebrities and influencers. It not only helps the brand, but also bring value to the influencer and gets the audience excited. So, a win-win strategy.

Brands Adapting Short Video Marketing

An interesting case of using Tik Tok for marketing is Walmart. Although the target audience is substantially wider, they realised that this strategy is a great way to break into the younger age group. A highly profitable age group in the long run. They ran a Black Friday campaign called the #DealDropDance that turned out to be absolutely successful. Not just Walmart, brands like Kool-Aid, Calvin Klein, Gymshark and more invested in influencer marketing through short videos to improve their reach, especially during the pandemic.


If you are a digital marketer, giving up on short video marketing right now would be an unnecessary knee-jerk reaction. This space has shown incredible possibility and has placed itself as a powerful platform. We at Luxeveda started with short video marketing, and we can tell you how effective it has been in bringing us substantial reach and visibility. If you are looking into breaking into this space and wondering how to go about it, contact us and we can help you out.


November 26 2020


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