About 79% of smartphone users have made purchases online using their mobile devices in the last six months. This shift has forced many brands to get on the mobile e-commerce bandwagon. Traditional CMS was built for the websites. They gave us the comfort of having all the content, the editing interface, and templates in custom code in a single environment. But this is no longer enough, as content can be displayed on any device using any format. The traditional CMS, however, was never designed to handle that. To gain shoppers’ attention, increase conversion rates, and make them loyal customers, you need to create engaging, omnichannel experiences. We will discuss how you can combat this problem and together find a solution.

What is a headless CMS – Content Management System? 

The term “headless” comes from the concept of chopping the head, the front end or the website, of the body, the back end. With a headless CMS, you manage content through an interface and deliver it via a RESTful or GraphQL API. When you use a headless CMS, you don’t have to worry about how and where your content is displayed. This system focuses exclusively on storing and delivering structured content while allowing content editors to collaborate on new content.

Benefits of Going Headless for your business

1. Customization

Traditional e-commerce platforms are limited to their design and functionality. Going headless gives brands the freedom to fully customize the presentation layer whenever by keeping your back-end intact. You can even change layouts, images, copy, and branding quickly by the marketing team to launch time-sensitive promotions. The result is a dramatic increase in site speed with a better customer experience with no change to inventory, subscriptions, checkouts, or payments, thus increasing your conversion rate.

2. Flexibility for your developers

Having systems written in a different language can prevent critical integration, and negatively affect user experience. The development team can use the programming language they prefer by going headless. Thereby streamlining the process and speeding up the development. 

3. Scalability

A headless system eliminates the age-old issues of developers who can’t work on front and back-end systems simultaneously. Using APIs, your developers can adjust the front-end without re-platforming the back-end. As new trends emerge, you can quickly adapt using headless technologies. 

4. Available across all devices

Going headless allows you to focus on what is necessary, managing the content and delivering it to any channel. At the same time, it does not control your presentation. A headless CMS uses API that helps make your content available through any medium and on any device.

Benefits of Going Headless for your consumers

1. Personalisation

9/10 of people are willing to share their behavioral data for a personalized shopping experience. A headless platform helps you collect all the user data and share it across platforms. It lets you sync the customer’s journey on various devices once they have created an account. This allows them to continue shopping from where they left off last time.

2. Omnichannel

More than 74% of customers have used multiple channels to initiate and complete their transactions. Customers’ experiences are therefore complicated. By switching to headless technology, you can make your products available on websites other than your own, i.e., big platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. You also have the freedom to run online and offline experiences on any device, all of which your e-commerce engine is consistently running on the backend.  

Are you ready to go Headless? 

Thus with the fast-moving age, headless enables you to create great digital experiences for your user. Your customers won’t see a difference, but they will notice how your site loads way faster, and you will notice what this does for your revenue.

The best part is that your customers will have a high-converting, blazing-fast, and on-brand experience that gives you an edge over your competitors.
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May 10 2022


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