Business strategy to create an Effective Network with your Online Consumers.

Establishing and maintaining trust with clients throughout a business relationship plays a significant role in development and growth. With a well-planned business and marketing strategy, it is possible to turn people who have never heard of you into loyal clients.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, it is crucial that businesses implement new tactics to stay close to their consumers. In this post, Team Luxeveda shares four insights on building and sustaining a long-lasting relationship with consumers in these challenging times.

#1 Be in the right place, at the right time.

Most customers prefer that company account managers communicate directly with them on social networks. This gives them direct access to help, if they so require. When subscribers are not responded to in a timely manner, your business can receive unpleasant reviews or negative comments on company publications. It is important to keep in mind the tone of your communications, especially during this difficult time. It is important that you respond to customers in a calm and clear manner. What works is to have a corporate-approved template of answers that can be quickly adjusted as circumstances change. Remember that now is not the time for sarcastic messages. You should also avoid “hype marketing” and be careful about your content. People across the world are at their most vulnerable, and a little empathy can go a long way.

#2 Providing users with reliable and useful data

Ensuring that you provide customers with correct and updated information on the Internet such as your working hours, phone numbers, news and other changes in work, is more important than ever. In the period of the pandemic, people would rather not leave their homes. Instead, they turn to online searches to resolve any issue. In this setting, is your responsibility to guarantee that the data you share is relevant and is keeping up with the dynamic changes in our society. Ensure that your business remains in touch with customers. Publish news and report changes in your work on company pages and on social networks. It is also important to keep your social media channels active and updated.

#3 Conduct an audit and adjust your automated email newsletters

Being relevant is more important than being perfect. Therefore, we recommend that your business audits your automated email conversations. Ensure that there is no discrepancy between the information shared and reality. Take a look at your content plan and decide if the planned content is right for you, regardless of whether or not they are directly related to news about COVID-19. Set aside too complex designs and technical solutions and try to make it easier and timely. The ability to respond quickly is especially appreciated in the modern world.

#4 Spread the joy to your customers

Lastly, do not forget that good humour and a genuine caring attitude are the best grounds for building relationships based on trust with people, both in life and while conducting business communications. When it comes to establishing deep and long-term relationships with customers, especially in situations of uncertainty and unrest, it is important to show empathy towards your customers. When heavy and dark news about uncertainty and fear is prevalent, people will respond positively to content that can distract them from thinking of such issues.

We at Team Luxeveda apply these tips in our daily operations. We hope they help your business flourish and prosper despite the circumstances of the pandemic.


August 14 2020


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