A Luxeveda Admires Series : Digital Haute Couture – The Story of Auroboros

Auroboros is a London based fashion label that is merging science and technology to create digital-only wear otherwise known as cyber couture. They are part of the Sarabande Foundation, founded by Lee Alexander McQueen. All their designs are inspired by biomimicry – a process where designers imitate or draw inspiration from nature’s models. Before creating digital wear, founders Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova made haute couture garments that grow through the process of crystallization. In an interview Paula Sello mentioned that “The garments grow, they fall apart – they are not going to last forever, as a lot of fast fashion does.” 

This concept was heavily influenced by their passion for sustainability within the fashion industry. “Our pieces take between a hundred to two hundred hours to make and are made-to-measure, but not made to last, so you need to cherish the moment you have them in and then they disappear – maybe as all clothes should do.” 

The label’s digital designs are inspired by a mix of nature, human anatomy and sci-fi films like Avatar, Annihilation and Ex-Machina. Using 3D scanning and AR algorithms, the designers created Auroboros World which is an immersive experience that celebrates ‘nature tech’. 

How does it work?

The customer selects what garment they would like to wear from the website. Then, they have to send Auroboros a clear picture of themselves in good lighting. Afterwards, the designers use technology to manipulate the garments to the customer’s body size and it is sent over to the customer digitally. It is a fusion of their love for technology and nature. 

The idea behind this is to create sustainable and waste free digital garments that are  immersive and unique. With digital technology taking over all of our lives, increasing importance is placed on your online presence and perception. We have essentially created a digital avatar of ourselves online through various social media platforms. Most people buy garments online that are unsustainably made and wear it only once for social media. “Why not buy a digital garment that is 10 times more exciting and engaging, rather than an unsustainably-made sweater from a fast-fashion brand?” 

We are in awe of the work that Aurobos is doing and are excited to see more immersive concepts that will change the luxury fashion industry. 

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May 24 2021


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