"We crafted a highly engaging presence to this incredible and exclusive & artistic Japanese brand that valued fine nuances"

The Overview

Since its founding in 1977, 45R has been unique in curating everyday outfits which are a perfect blend of art and nature. 45R believes in a highly personal and symbiotic relationship with nature. Their unique indigo dying process, cutting, tailoring, and fitting process were a testament to this bonding.  The brand uses expert artisans to tailor outfits using high-quality materials. The vision is to unconditionally nurture the pure relationship between humans and nature. Natural Motifs are picked out and incorporated into the designs to showcase the same. They are both dressy and comfortable. Not influenced by the changing trends, 45R prioritizes personal touch with every piece of clothing they tailor. Made to fit everyone, these clothes are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

They have a brick-and-mortar store in New York that sells their unique fashion to American consumers. They wanted to expand their territory and create an e-commerce website that would help them grow their business and reach a larger number of customers. This is the task we were assigned. We had to create a digital presence for 45R to help grow their market and increase the reach for their balletic pieces of clothing.

The Challenge

45R did not have an online presence and was looking to enter the e-commerce market. We had to do the planning from scratch to launch their e-commerce website in the best possible way. Since it’s a fashion outlet, the competition is rigid, especially in the United States. We had to work on conveying what the brand represents and the authenticity of its designs. Their lack of prior knowledge regarding e-commerce was definitely a hurdle. We had to undertake deep market research and conduct our own study to understand what would best work for them.

The Solution

Since our goal was to launch their e-commerce website, we carefully thought of the content and design that would go into the making. We displayed pictures of their clothing aesthetically offering minimalism and comfort. We created their e-commerce on Shopify, which requires minimal supervision and backend resources to run the show. The website highlighted Japanese craftsmanship and their unique collaboration with nature and sustainability. We incorporated the right keywords on every page and provided information about each piece of clothing. The website was easy to use and generated great traffic and online sales.  Today their e-commerce site contributes to over 40% of their total sales in the USA.

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